Commercial Door Access Control Systems in Bolton

Commercial Door Access Control Systems in Bolton

Door access control systems are the perfect way to keep your commercial buildings and businesses secure. By restricting access to those people who have the correct clearance, you can keep unauthorised people out and keep a traceable log of who has been where and when.

What are door access control systems?

You’ve probably gone through door access control systems a million times before and never even thought about it. Have you ever had to use a buzzer to request access to a building? How about using a keyfob to open an internal door in an office building? And you must have had to swipe a card to open your hotel room door at some point? 

If the answer is yes, then you’ve just used a door access control system.  Of course, these a just a few examples of the most popular uses of door access, but there are quite literally hundreds of different systems to choose from depending upon your unique requirements.

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Commercial Door Access Control Systems

Why should you install a door access control system?

There are lots of advantages to installing a door access system. The first is fairly obvious: increased security. By restricting access you can keep unauthorised people out of places where they shouldn’t be. Most door access systems keep detailed logs of a person’s movements, so you can track exactly when and where people are swiping in and out.

The second advantage is related to cost-saving. With traditional lock and ley systems, if an employee loses a key this may mean that you have to replace all the locks that that key opens. With a keycard or keyfob system, you just deactivate the lost key and issue a new one. This keeps your building secure without the cost of replacing your entire security system.

Thirdly, is the flexibility of these systems. If you had a visitor that you only wanted to grant access to your building for certain days and times, then door access systems let you achieve this. Not only can they restrict access for days and times, but they can also restrict security-sensitive areas of the building – all without the need for a traditional security system.

What types of door access control systems are there?

There are many different types of door access systems, but the one that suits your business’s needs will all depend on what level of security you require.

biometric door access control system
Biometric reader

Where the system either scans your palm, fingerprint or even scans your retina in order for you to gain access.

keypad door access control systems

Where you have to type in an access code to gain entry.

magnetic door access control system
Magnetic lock

A release button needs to be pressed from the inside of the building to break the electromagnetic seal in order for you to be granted access.

proximity door access control system

A small control device that interacts wirelessly with a receiver. This usually takes the form of a small plastic fob or card that you hover over a reader to gain access to the building or room(s).

commercial door access systems
Magnetic card reader

Where you physically swipe a card through a reader.

door access control system installation

What are the different types of access control?

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC) – This is the most secure type of access you can have. The reason for this is that only the owners and the custodians of the system have access to it.


  • Discretionary Access control (DAC) – This gives the least restrictive type of access. This is because the business owners have control of who has access to the system, not the security experts. This type of access involves the owners relying on their own judgement of who to trust with accessing their buildings. 


  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) – Does your business require high levels of security and confidentiality? RBAC allows you to restrict access to certain rooms depending upon the level of security clearance that an individual is privy to.


  • Rule-Based Access Control (RB-RBAC) – This system allows access based upon certain rules. So, for example, if you want only want certain areas of the building to be accessible between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, then the RB-RBAC system is perfect for this.

How difficult is installation and what does it cost?

This all depends on the type of system that you require. On the whole, the systems are easy to install, but if you are in any doubt, the best thing to do is to call us for a consultation.

Once we have established what level of security you require, we will assess your property and ascertain what is needed to install the access system and secure your building. 

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