Reliable EV Charging Installations for Homes and Businesses

Bolton Electrical Services knows how important your vehicle is to you. From your personal life to your business, you need a reliable vehicle that will get you from A to B. Have you decided to take the leap into electrical vehicles already? Or are you hesitant to make the change due to the potential inconvenience of finding a charging point?

Make EV charging convenient to you

BES can help. We offer highly professional and reliable EV charging installation on domestic or commercial properties, so you can relax knowing you will always be able to charge your car or vehicle, whenever it suits you best.

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A design that blends into any surroundings

With a simplistic and contemporary design that does not compromise in efficiency, the Project EV charging points are super easy to use. Simply connect your vehicle to the charging point and watch it power up. No need for messing about.

Keep your vehicles powered with Project EV charging points

At BES, our expert electricians install Project EV vehicle charging points, the very best in cutting-edge EV charging technology. 

Whether you’re a business owner looking to power your vehicles in a more environmentally conscious way, or you run a busy family and just need a reliable charging point within easy access on your property, Bolton Electrical Services can help.

EV charging point installation that works around you

With our friendly and efficient customer service, you can trust that Bolton Electrical Services will complete the installation process as efficiently and respectfully as possible, meaning that you can get back to what matters most to you.

Convenient for both commercial or domestic use, Project EV is paving the way when it comes to accessible charging points. And BES are making their installation breezy for those in Bolton or the North West.

Think installing a Project EV charging point could be what you or your business need?

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