Commercial Solar Panel and Battery System Installation in Bolton

If you’ve seen your business costs rise exponentially recently, then it’s time to consider a solar panel battery system installation from Bolton Electrical Services. Take control of your electricity costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and futureproof your business with this superb cutting-edge technology.

The panel battery systems are simple to install and maintain, take up very little room, and are incredibly energy-efficient. For more information on a solar panel battery installation for your business, speak to one of our experts who will be pleased to guide you in the right direction.

Generate your own electricity

With the price of wholesale energy prices continuing to increase at a rapid rate, many business owners are turning to clean energy to power their commercial buildings. Our solar panel battery installations are self-sufficient once they’ve been installed, meaning that you have your own power source, or you can take advantage of cheaper energy rates from a traditional source.

That’s the really clever part of a commercial solar panel battery system installation – the batteries can be used in two different ways; they can be connected to solar panels to run the vast majority of your electrical requirements, or they can be used to store cheap electricity from the national grid that you can then use at more expensive peak times, allowing you to avoid peak-time costs.  

The lithium batteries used in the systems are some of the most durable and efficient on the market today, so you really are making an investment in your business’s future with a solar panel battery system. Their compact design means that, even if space is a commodity in your commercial premises, there’s room for an installation, and they can even be installed indoors or outdoors. Get in touch with our expert engineers for more details. 

Invest in your business’ future today

Solar battery systems: clean, cheap energy

While it’s true that twenty years ago, solar panel battery systems were a bit cumbersome and the financial gains were minimal, the exact opposite is now true.

A typical solar panel battery installation usually pays for itself within 5 years and gives you multiple energy options. Whether you want to be separate from the grid and be self-sufficient, store cheap energy from the national grid, or even start your own localised grid and sell your excess energy to other businesses, these systems will give you the flexibility to choose. 

You can add and remove battery units as your business’s energy needs change with the minimum amount of fuss, and you’ve also got a built-in backup solution in the event of a main power outage. 

Speak with the team if you have any questions about our solar panel battery services, or you want to enquire about how we might be able to help you, please reach out to us using the form.

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